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Member Administration Regulation

① A person who want to become KIIT member should payment membership fee after Internet joining.
② Membership fee (Include subscription(rates).
Fee Content
Membership fee 10,000 Korean Won
Annual membership fee Reguler Member: 60,000 Korean Won
Associate,Student Member: 40,000 Korean Won
Permanent fee 500,000Korean Won(Discharge Membership fee)
Special fee 2,000,000Korean Won(Vice-chairman company)
1,000,000Korean Won(Director Company)
500,000Korean Won(Reguler member)
150,000Korean Won(Nonprofit organization-Library etc)
Groop member 150,000 Korean Won
③ At first, every member should pay admission fee & annual membership fee except Permanent permanent member.
But, new member (Joining day is on & after july 1)apply 50% of above fee.
Bank : Nonghyup 418-01-262351 Korean Institute of Information Technology (Write the member Name)

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